Our mission is to make the overall Yachting experience more enjoyable. Whether this means going faster to win a race, having a more user friendly deck layout for daysailing, or having the most reliable rigging to do an ocean crossing, we've got you covered. The SD Boatworks team has over 50 years of experience in the industry from almost every type of yachting sailed in all the corners of the globe. Our shop on Shelter Island provides a cooperative atmosphere and all the tools needed to do almost any rigging project.

SD Boatworks is the West Coast distributor for Marlow Ropes. This gives us access to the latest technology in cordage at the best possible prices. We stock a huge selection of line, including Polyester Doublebraid, Dyneema, and a variety of custom Composite Covers designed by SD Boatworks specifically for racing yachts. Having a test bench allows us to make extremely high load loops and strops to exacting breaking strengths. Our in house splicing experts are known for their quality and ingenuity which has lead to a nationally recognized reputation as the leaders in the cordage industry. 

We are also the Harken Hydraulics Dealer and Repair Shop for San Diego. In addition to Harken we stock the full range of Navtec seals and replacement parts meaning we can repair just about any hydraulics system with quick turnaround after a proper pressure test in our hydraulics shop.

Along with our in-house services mentioned above we do a lot of work in the field. Project management is one of our strengths, as are full refits of both cruising and racing yachts. We are fully insured and licensed to work in all of the boatyards and marinas in Southern California.


Visit our shop on Shelter Island in San Diego, or give us a call to discuss your next boat project.


We love to support the sport of sailing and our customers as they take to the ocean with their refreshed racing boats.